Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None | Sean Carroll

Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None | Sean Carroll.

terrific blogpost about DN Lee, She simply declined to post for free on BiologyOnline and is called a whore by the editor.

Quote from Seans post Biology Online is a purportedly respectable site, part of the Scientific American “Partners Network.”  (italics are mine) When she blogs about it on her SciAm hosted blog, her blogpost is removed I heard about this story through twitter. Fern Riddell captured my thoughts on it in a way I never could. So I storified it

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International Women’s Day – Badass ladies from history!

International Women’s Day – Badass ladies from history! (with images, tweets) · greg_jenner · Storify.


Today the #inspiringwomen went binkers and it was so much fun to se the huge number of really inspiring women One of the most prolific was Greg Jenner and he storified it.

Myself I tweeted all my own heroes (ncluding the curie-joliot dynasty)  and all female science nobel prize winners. Loved doing it – Just exceeded my tweet limit for the hour 🙂

Boots removes gender signs for toys

Boots removes gender signs for toys | Money | The Guardian.

Some good news in that dreadful pinkification in toys BUT then this (last paragraph in the article

It said science toys were sold on the Boots website by gender, age and type “to make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they are looking for”.

Right so on the website it is still the main thing; men will become scientists, girls won’t. There is a possible catergory called gender neutral or put them in both for really easy navigation so more enlightened customers also can find what they are looking for

At number 5

TIME’s Person of the Year Issue: Cover Gallery | TIME’s Person of the Year Issue: Cover Gallery |

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In praise of … stargazing

In praise of … stargazing | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian.


In total agreement!

Today one century ago

Marie Curie got the Nobel prize for chemistry. A lady who served as an inspiration for me.

Smart cities

BBC News – Smart cities get their own operating system.

I can see the positive and easy work with of this. But why do I keep hearing this song?  Or is this being paranoid and so I have to keep believing in the good intention?


BBC News – Speed-of-light results under scrutiny at Cern.

It has been world news everywhere. Anybody with a science background is amazed. I too find this facinating. Both options are totally amazing; The most logical at present that there is an error in the measurements is pretty amazing – where, how, what? The theory it challenges so far have stood up to scrutiny. But will it this time?

The option of the results being right is even more intriguing.It would mean a whole note path is physics and have huge implications. Real life Science fiction coming to life – maybe, possibly…………….. really?

I applaud the scientist that come forward and say please help us we can’t figure this one out. Please duplicate our results if you can. But at the same time being careful not to overstate what they found and urging care before jumping to conclusions.

It is like a cliff hanger is an amazing show. You are desperate to find out more, but you can’t.


dark matter

BBC News – Dwarf galaxies suggest dark matter theory may be wrong.


I find everything to do with fundamental physics and astronomy fascinating. It is about the building blocks of everything. Thee deepest of being. I don’t understand a lot of the actual mathematics and such, but the BBC science team make it truly accessible