Catholic cardinal criticises gay marriages plan

BBC News – Catholic cardinal criticises gay marriages plan.


I guess he is just jealous 🙂


Geen boete niet dragen ID-kaart

Geen boete voor jood zonder ID-kaart – Binnenland – VK.

On the basis of his religion he does not need to comply with the law of the land on the day his religious day off! Besides how does he get in and out of the house without carrying a key?

If this is the case and he can’t comply with the law on that day he should take the consequences and not venture on the streets where he needs to be able to identify himself.


Church or jail?

Alabama criminals sentenced to time in church

I’d choose jail. the thought of going to church is just too much.

Besides I thought we’d left the age of forced conversions in the middle ages

right to vote for women in Saudi Arabia

BBC News – Women in Saudi Arabia ‘to vote and run in elections’.

A first step forward on a road that is still very very long on the road to women’s rights there, but it is the right direction and it is a step. It is a start and without a start there will be no finish.

We women of the west take it for granted. But let’s not forget that it is still less than a century ago, that shift happened here. It was the year my grandmother was born in my country. She was of the first generation that could vote.


religious fundamentalism

Exposing religious fundamentalism in the US – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

I always find it interesting to read Al Jazeera. If only to learn how different events are viewed from a different culture.

Al Jazeera, like our own news organisations, view the world with the glasses that their culture provides and boy sometimes they can really make me (re)think stuff.

This opinion piece is real food for thought. It does not have to change your point of view at all, but at least you understand another perspective by making you think