hoard hidden from taxman by global elite

£13tn: hoard hidden from taxman by global elite | Business | The Observer.

This is sickening. Everything we joke about on the superrich elite turns out to be true. I am all for earning what you deserve but this is unethical behaviour Essentially theft from society as a whole.


PS good the BBC now has it as a headline


Without consent: the truth about forced marriage

Without consent: the truth about forced marriage | World news | The Observer.

This article has really really made me think and I do not know the answer, Just a lot of rambling thoughts. It just gave me a lot of things to ponder on a Sunday morning, and a much longer post than I usually do here. (more…)

Among the asexuals

Among the asexuals | Life and style | The Observer.

Just goes to show that humans are all different and fascinating in their own way.

The Pirate bay in The Observer

Rick Falkvinge: the Swedish radical leading the fight over web freedoms | Technology | The Observer.

At least interesting to read this side of the story.

Rebekah Brooks £1.7m pay-off

Murdoch gave loyal lieutenant Rebekah Brooks £1.7m pay-off, car and office | Media | The Observer.

And her victims? Much less. Some people do get away with bad things really well. Or would this be silence money?

Out of touch with people

Ed Miliband: business, finance and politics are out of touch with people | Comment is free | The Observer.


Great article well worth a thorough read

An interview with a president

Jimmy Carter in The Observer.

Why do the decent people not get re-elected as president? Will history be repeating itself next year?