the everyday sexism project

the everyday sexism project.

I learned about this through the Guardian. An article about one year of shouting back and I found this little gem through their twitter feed. It is about facebook not allowing nursing mothers (offensive) and does allow ‘jokes’ about domestic violence.

Seriously, we still have a long way to go and I hate to say the short stories on twitter are familiar, the stories on the website too.

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Opvallen tussen miljarden amateurs

Intermediair Weekblad digitaal | Opvallen tussen miljarden amateurs.

An article in Dutch, This man is making sense in my opinion. Basically what he says is that personal branding is the front garden and a wafer thin layer, whereas what is really interesing is in the back garden.

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Facebook’s new couple pages

Facebook’s new couple pages ‘cross the line’ – users – Life & Style – NZ Herald News.

I don’t do facebook, and another reason not to do it has just been added. Simply put because of their invasion of my privacy and I would consider this another example of that. I mean seriously I am quite capable of determining what I want. I do not need Mr Zuckerberg for that and to automatically link me to my spouse. Instead of being an individual I become no more than half of a couple is insulting.

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From India’s child bride to multi-millionaire

Totally inspirational; I had never heard of her before, but it shows what you can achieve by having skills, will power and a little help – In this case a supportive father that did not accept his child being treated as a commodity and a clear thinking aunt.

BBC News – From India’s child bride to multi-millionaire.

Today one century ago

Marie Curie got the Nobel prize for chemistry. A lady who served as an inspiration for me.

the reality of sexist abuse online

New Statesman – “You should have your tongue ripped out”: the reality of sexist abuse online.

Just read it and you end up knowing enough about the sad state of some people internet.

Big payouts

Big payouts for booted CEOs – Post Leadership – The Washington Post.

And of course they show the one woman that got it. Never mind that the large (95%)  majority of the CEOs that got these pay outs are male.

Don’t get me wrong; I loath seeing this type of pay out. Large bonus pay outs for under performace that costs genuinely hard working people their job but it does say something about the slant they are taking toward it.



First post

Metropolitan Museums timeline Heilbrunn Timeline of art history

If you want to soak up more knowledge of the arthistory over several regions and times. If you want to be totally sucked into one website, this is a very good starter. Time will fly and you will have felt as if you have been through a selective art history course. I love this place.