International Women’s Day – Badass ladies from history!

International Women’s Day – Badass ladies from history! (with images, tweets) · greg_jenner · Storify.


Today the #inspiringwomen went binkers and it was so much fun to se the huge number of really inspiring women One of the most prolific was Greg Jenner and he storified it.

Myself I tweeted all my own heroes (ncluding the curie-joliot dynasty)  and all female science nobel prize winners. Loved doing it – Just exceeded my tweet limit for the hour 🙂


At number 5

TIME’s Person of the Year Issue: Cover Gallery | TIME’s Person of the Year Issue: Cover Gallery |

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Man about the house

Man about the house | Life and style | The Guardian.

Finding this an interesting take on the househusband

Today one century ago

Marie Curie got the Nobel prize for chemistry. A lady who served as an inspiration for me.

Smart cities

BBC News – Smart cities get their own operating system.

I can see the positive and easy work with of this. But why do I keep hearing this song?  Or is this being paranoid and so I have to keep believing in the good intention?

British painting library

BBC – Your Paintings.

This is such a cool wonderful worthwhile and fun project. I just want to rave about how they are preserving the important parts of their heritage AND engaging the public to help. The public can help with tagging! It really is great

An interview with a president

Jimmy Carter in The Observer.

Why do the decent people not get re-elected as president? Will history be repeating itself next year?

religious fundamentalism

Exposing religious fundamentalism in the US – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.

I always find it interesting to read Al Jazeera. If only to learn how different events are viewed from a different culture.

Al Jazeera, like our own news organisations, view the world with the glasses that their culture provides and boy sometimes they can really make me (re)think stuff.

This opinion piece is real food for thought. It does not have to change your point of view at all, but at least you understand another perspective by making you think

Still wed to fashion (NZ)

Kim Knight | Still wed to fashion |

If you are in Wellington I suggest you go there. If V&A is behind it it will be stunning

First post

Metropolitan Museums timeline Heilbrunn Timeline of art history

If you want to soak up more knowledge of the arthistory over several regions and times. If you want to be totally sucked into one website, this is a very good starter. Time will fly and you will have felt as if you have been through a selective art history course. I love this place.