Bill To Regulate The Reproductive Health Of Men –

Female Ohio Democrat Introduces Bill To Regulate The Reproductive Health Of Men –.


Now how is that for tit for tat, and taking them on in their own game? Specifically like the  “…any action in which a man ejaculates or otherwise deposits semen anywhere but in a woman’s vagina shall be interpreted and construed as an action against an unborn child.” part


Dove Ad on Women’s Self-Image Creates an Online Sensation –

Dove Ad on Women’s Self-Image Creates an Online Sensation –


The video is thought provoking at least it was for me

Savita Halappanavar’s widower condemns ‘barbaric and inhuman care’

Savita Halappanavar’s widower condemns ‘barbaric and inhuman care’ | World news | The Guardian.

And this is happening in Europe. A woman is still not in charge of her own body and mind in some countries . She dies and it is medical misadventure, but what does she know. She’s only a woman, her dying foetus is more important than the carrier/oven. I am disgusted.

Banning the baby talk

Banning the baby talk | Essential Mums.

Bless this woman for seeing the light! Quite frankly all the babytalk has only ever made more convinced to remain childfree. So utterly boring!

Delhi gang-rape: in India, anger is overtaking fear

Delhi gang-rape: in India, anger is overtaking fear | Suzanne Moore | Comment is free |

The article is great and spot on. The comments section is even more interesting where some people, very rightfully, look into the mirror of our own westen society too.

As deeply as I am shocked by what happened, I am also very aware that the attitudes here are not in line with equality either. US elections for instance but also Julia Gillard finally standing up in Parliament. Really many of our elected politicians are only slightly better than those in India when it comes to violence to women.


Mundane Tasks

» Infusing Play into Mundane Tasks :zenhabits.

This is what I try to do. Do I always succeeed? No I don’t I am only human and I fail. However it does not stop me from trying to do this. I know the times that I manage to do this I feel better, I feel less stressed and I feel happy.

To me beign able to achieve this is the essence of mindfullness. Being there and enjoying the moment

Meet the models breaking the mould

Meet the models breaking the mould | Fashion | The Guardian.

All are different and I for one celebrate that. I love people not fitting into the general “normal” mould

Women say no to ‘state-sponsored rape’

Women say no to ‘state-sponsored rape’ | Life and style | The Guardian.


What an absolute perverse idea this man has. In order to allow an abortion you have be be raped by an implement first. How sick!

Yes what he proposes is state-sponsored rape, no other way to call it. Penetration against her will! Nobody but the woman herself has a right to this.

So utterly sick!

Among the asexuals

Among the asexuals | Life and style | The Observer.

Just goes to show that humans are all different and fascinating in their own way.

Sporten voorkomt burn-out en depressie

Sporten voorkomt burn-out en depressie | |

Echt wat een nieuws. Natuurlijk is dit zo!