Bridget Christie’s feminist quiz of 2013

Bridget Christie’s feminist quiz of 2013 | Life and style | The Guardian.


This one was fun to do eventhough it said I was probably a man. My two mistakes were just a notch too far ino pure Britishness.


Nigella Lawson cocaine use will be subject to police review after all

Nigella Lawson cocaine use will be subject to police review after all | Life and style |

It makes me angry really angry to see this. This is a woman publically attacked by her then husband. In the divorce he threatens to destroy her and bullies her to the witness stand. You know the man that is married to a great cook and prefer to eat burned toast. What a way to humiliate and spurn the one you claim to love.

She admits to some use of cocaine when her beloved husband is dying of cancer, a disease that took more loved ones. She also mentioned intimate terrorosm and needing to smake a joint with a life problem (marital problems).

SHE is now under investigation for cocaine use and HE is not for intimate terrirosm, bulliying and threatening behavious He threatened to destroy her. He seems to have the tools and money to at least try that and work the system. With this message he is making clear that this was not just a threat. I just hope that this piece Charles Saatchi was loser in court of public opinion | Art and design | The Guardian. wll remain true.

When are the powers that be going to look at the root cause? His controlling behaviour toward her and take things form there. But oh I forgot. He’s a man and a rich one with powerful connections to boot.  Maybe we should change the proverb to Hell hath no fury but a perceived poweful controlling man scorned.

Nigella is staying dignified and strong. it seems. Still not a fan of her as a TV cook but she definately is going up in my inspirational women lists

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Julia Gillard writes on power, purpose and Labor’s future

Julia Gillard writes on power, purpose and Labor’s future | World news |


I don’t think this is the last thing we have seen from her. She has been through a lot in poitics, is still standing and still making more sense than most politicians. Sure she is not perfect (who is) but damn it she is good!

I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things’ – video

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: ‘I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things’ – video | World news |

This is bigger than wikileaks – He knows what happened to Bradley Manning and still takes this step. Somebody with a consious. I hoe he finds a safe place to live. He deserves it

NSA Prism program taps in to user data

NSA Prism program taps in to user data of Apple, Google and others | World news | The Guardian.


I so wish that I could say that this surprises me. However it does not. It confirms my worst suspisions, my cynism to privacy rules and really what irks me the most is that the EU denounced ACTA and insistend on Internet pricavy and openess. Turns out that the US just did what they did not get the democratic way anyway. They snooped the data of all of us. Not just americans, Not just terorist suspects, but everybody, mainly foreigners Hey well that is me you are spying on!

EU what are you going to do about this flagrant tossing aside of our law?

New shoots of student feminism

New shoots of student feminism – Guardian Witness.

All I can say, I find this inspiring. Wish it had been this interesting when I was in University

The power of the media: putting women in the frame

The power of the media: putting women in the frame | Women in Leadership | Guardian Professional.

This article is spot on. The womans room and any database with female experts is just that. It sort of gives the media, that claim that they cannot find female experts, a nice easy place to look for them.

They are there and now they do not have to do much research to find them Besides if female experts look for kindred spirits what is wrong with that? It is called networking and men have been doing this for centuries, but because women do it is all of a sudden is weird?

Boots removes gender signs for toys

Boots removes gender signs for toys | Money | The Guardian.

Some good news in that dreadful pinkification in toys BUT then this (last paragraph in the article

It said science toys were sold on the Boots website by gender, age and type “to make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they are looking for”.

Right so on the website it is still the main thing; men will become scientists, girls won’t. There is a possible catergory called gender neutral or put them in both for really easy navigation so more enlightened customers also can find what they are looking for

Savita Halappanavar’s widower condemns ‘barbaric and inhuman care’

Savita Halappanavar’s widower condemns ‘barbaric and inhuman care’ | World news | The Guardian.

And this is happening in Europe. A woman is still not in charge of her own body and mind in some countries . She dies and it is medical misadventure, but what does she know. She’s only a woman, her dying foetus is more important than the carrier/oven. I am disgusted.

the everyday sexism project

the everyday sexism project.

I learned about this through the Guardian. An article about one year of shouting back and I found this little gem through their twitter feed. It is about facebook not allowing nursing mothers (offensive) and does allow ‘jokes’ about domestic violence.

Seriously, we still have a long way to go and I hate to say the short stories on twitter are familiar, the stories on the website too.

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