International Women’s Day – Badass ladies from history!

International Women’s Day – Badass ladies from history! (with images, tweets) · greg_jenner · Storify.


Today the #inspiringwomen went binkers and it was so much fun to se the huge number of really inspiring women One of the most prolific was Greg Jenner and he storified it.

Myself I tweeted all my own heroes (ncluding the curie-joliot dynasty)  and all female science nobel prize winners. Loved doing it – Just exceeded my tweet limit for the hour 🙂


At number 5

TIME’s Person of the Year Issue: Cover Gallery | TIME’s Person of the Year Issue: Cover Gallery |

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Too funny

Taking into account the Greek crisis talk a Dutch video artist (Lucky TV) made these two little movies using a well known song. Part one and Part two I could not help laughing out loud.

They were shown on one of the most popular TV daily programs (DWDD-the world keeps on turning). I don’t always like his work, but this was simply too brilliant. He totally captured the mood that is going around in Northern Europe regarding the (now cancelled) Greek referendum on support. The referendum was labelled the biggest Greek surprise since the Trojan Horse in the German media.



Art Project

Art Project, powered by Google.


I like this

Top 10 free things to do in London

Top 10 free things to do in London |

Add to this the national gallery, V&A , science museum and waling around in covent garden, Soho etc you’ll be happily spending very little in  London except on very expensive food

Six Funny Shoe Pictures

Six Funny Shoe Pictures | Shoeaholics Anonymous Shoe Blog.

Too funny, I think I want the one with the wee shark in the soles 🙂


Colorful Interpretation of Life and Art

Tom Fruin’s Kolonivehus – Colorful Interpretation of Life and Art.


Isn’t this lovely? The play with light, colour and glass. I love it.

New Zealand’s ‘Gutbuster’

BBC News – In pictures: New Zealand’s ‘Gutbuster’.


I have been here. I walked it and found it pretty intense. I am taking my hat off to those that run it. It is very very hard to do

birds talking

How can birds teach each other to talk?.

Thisis just a fun little article. Seem parroting is not just something humans do


British painting library

BBC – Your Paintings.

This is such a cool wonderful worthwhile and fun project. I just want to rave about how they are preserving the important parts of their heritage AND engaging the public to help. The public can help with tagging! It really is great