Meet the models breaking the mould

Meet the models breaking the mould | Fashion | The Guardian.

All are different and I for one celebrate that. I love people not fitting into the general “normal” mould


Dress Shorts

How To Wear Dress Shorts – fashion – life-style |


Honestly? This is an oxymoron. If you have to wear them, wear them to the beach – There is no such thing as looking classy in shorts Wear a skirt instead

Fashion history in a fun way



This is too much fun!

low trousers

BBC – Newsbeat – Green Day singer kicked off plane over low trousers.

Am I the only one that thinks this and funny. Personally not fond of this look It simply looks silly and I hope this fashion statement will be out soon.


Still wed to fashion (NZ)

Kim Knight | Still wed to fashion |

If you are in Wellington I suggest you go there. If V&A is behind it it will be stunning