Too funny

Taking into account the Greek crisis talk a Dutch video artist (Lucky TV) made these two little movies using a well known song. Part one and Part two I could not help laughing out loud.

They were shown on one of the most popular TV daily programs (DWDD-the world keeps on turning). I don’t always like his work, but this was simply too brilliant. He totally captured the mood that is going around in Northern Europe regarding the (now cancelled) Greek referendum on support. The referendum was labelled the biggest Greek surprise since the Trojan Horse in the German media.




Greece’s debt crisis explained

BBC News – Greece’s debt crisis odyssey.


Thanks BBC this makes it all very very clear!


Expulsion from the eurozone has to be the final penalty – (registratin with fee account required)

Our prime minister talking tough. Will it make an impression? I don’t know but will certainly get him some votes here.