100 Years On. How Much Has Really Changed? |

100 Years On. How Much Has Really Changed? |.


Good reading very good reading indeed. Not a wrong word said!


The Steubenville Case – When Will Women Start to Matter?

I found this through twitter. Those boys did loose their future, they threw it away. They only have themselves to blame for that. The girl is still being blamed and haunted. She too lost her future. The difference? Those boys took it from her. They felt invincible and bigger than the world. They feel sorry for themselves that their victim refused to remain a victim and stood up to be counted.
That girl in the Steubenville case is a hero, she deserves to be counted and heard.
PS the anonymous people that helped the girl are now facing jail. About 4 times what the rapist got, just for showing what a botched job the police did and just because they cared about an innocent woman. More on that in the related articles

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Crates and Ribbons

In the aftermath of the trial of Richmond and Mays, Megan Carpentier writes in yesterday’s Guardian, “Rape is unique in US society as a crime where the blighted future of the perpetrators counts for more than the victim’s.”

Indeed, this is an apt observation, given the sickening way in which CNN, among others, reported on the verdict two days ago. Given the anger this had sparked on blogs and other social media, you’ve probably come across it by now, but just in case you haven’t, here’s what CNN had to say about Mays and Richmond’s being found guilty of rape:

Reporter Poppy Harlow: “I’ve never experienced anything like it, Candy. It was incredibly emotional, incredibly difficult even for an outsider like me to watch what happened as these two young men that had such promising futures — star football players, very good students — we literally watched as they…

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The Objectification of Women

Joy Goh-Mah: The Objectification of Women – It Goes Much Further Than Sexy Pictures.


Brilliantly put. Sussinct, to the point and all true

Mundane Tasks

» Infusing Play into Mundane Tasks :zenhabits.

This is what I try to do. Do I always succeeed? No I don’t I am only human and I fail. However it does not stop me from trying to do this. I know the times that I manage to do this I feel better, I feel less stressed and I feel happy.

To me beign able to achieve this is the essence of mindfullness. Being there and enjoying the moment

Six Funny Shoe Pictures

Six Funny Shoe Pictures | Shoeaholics Anonymous Shoe Blog.

Too funny, I think I want the one with the wee shark in the soles 🙂


Nik Cubrilovic on Facebook

Nik Cubrilovic Blog – Logging out of Facebook is not enough.


Now why does this not surprise me?

Oh and how to stop Mr Zuckerber et al snpoping onto your life too much with thanks to Lifehacker

And yes facebook is scaring me too

Church or jail?

Alabama criminals sentenced to time in church

I’d choose jail. the thought of going to church is just too much.

Besides I thought we’d left the age of forced conversions in the middle ages