Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None | Sean Carroll

Don’t Start None, Won’t Be None | Sean Carroll.

terrific blogpost about DN Lee, She simply declined to post for free on BiologyOnline and is called a whore by the editor.

Quote from Seans post Biology Online is a purportedly respectable site, part of the Scientific American “Partners Network.”  (italics are mine) When she blogs about it on her SciAm hosted blog, her blogpost is removed I heard about this story through twitter. Fern Riddell captured my thoughts on it in a way I never could. So I storified it

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Savita Halappanavar’s widower condemns ‘barbaric and inhuman care’

Savita Halappanavar’s widower condemns ‘barbaric and inhuman care’ | World news | The Guardian.

And this is happening in Europe. A woman is still not in charge of her own body and mind in some countries . She dies and it is medical misadventure, but what does she know. She’s only a woman, her dying foetus is more important than the carrier/oven. I am disgusted.

Among the asexuals

Among the asexuals | Life and style | The Observer.

Just goes to show that humans are all different and fascinating in their own way.

Why diets fail

BBC News – Diets fail because advice is wrong, say researchers.


I have read quite a bit in the media about this reseearch item. It rings true with me. I mean why would it only take a few months to take off weight that took years to get on? I say this as somebody who has always has had to watch her diet because my body is one hell of a good storage facility for anything I eat.

birds talking

How can birds teach each other to talk?.

Thisis just a fun little article. Seem parroting is not just something humans do


Giant crabs

 Giant crabs make Antarctic leap.

Nature will always surprise us with the way things move and change. Humans are not in complete control and that I always find reassuring.