Facebook’s new couple pages

Facebook’s new couple pages ‘cross the line’ – users – Life & Style – NZ Herald News.

I don’t do facebook, and another reason not to do it has just been added. Simply put because of their invasion of my privacy and I would consider this another example of that. I mean seriously I am quite capable of determining what I want. I do not need Mr Zuckerberg for that and to automatically link me to my spouse. Instead of being an individual I become no more than half of a couple is insulting.

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Without consent: the truth about forced marriage

Without consent: the truth about forced marriage | World news | The Observer.

This article has really really made me think and I do not know the answer, Just a lot of rambling thoughts. It just gave me a lot of things to ponder on a Sunday morning, and a much longer post than I usually do here. (more…)

Man about the house

Man about the house | Life and style | The Guardian.

Finding this an interesting take on the househusband

Ah those little terms of agreement

Sony asks gamers to sign new terms

Sneaky Sony. Goes to show that just hitting the agree button is becoming more risky for users signing away basic rights

Some more on the same topic. Getting the impression Sony unleashed something

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