What is the reason for this blog

I surf the internet a lot. And there are sites, articles and other blogs that I find interesting, thought provoking, funny or just feel nice to me. Links that I feel I want to share, but really are not always right for my main blog. That blog is about me, this is about what comes to me and makes me think.

Subjects vary, from silly jokes to very serious in depth politics. Sometimes they are subjects that occupy my thoughts at that time, Some of them I simply stumble over and get sucked into. As an internet wanderer I try to mix a lot of different come countries for the links, though being European that will probably be the mainstay of my links. As I speak more than one language they may be in different languages too. I am trying to make it as wide as possible, but English will be the majority.

The links I post here are what caught my attention – the links and their content are not endorsed by me. Sometimes I’ll write why it caught my attention and/or made me think, sometimes I won’t. So really it is a way of bookmarking my thoughts and sharing them.

You are welcome to share these thoughts with me and you are welcome not to.

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