Twitter’s Tony Wang issues apology to abuse victims and it is still #twitterfail

BBC News – Twitter’s Tony Wang issues apology to abuse victims.

So they apologise and next month(!) there will be an abuse button.I guess better late than never They say the hear us which I doubt. They have seen their marketign research data that show brand damage. My thoughts are that this fact is what made them jump. Not the misogyny on line, nor the police investigations and arrests – 8 and 2 as far as I am aware.

In the mean time Mary Beard gets threats on bombs and rape. She had trouble with the way way over the top long abuse form. After all abuse is not a twitter thing and it takes  longer to report abuse than to sign up. I know I too have reported a bomb threat. It is a disgrace that form! Impossible to fill out on a smartphone. She is then told by the ‘helpful’ feedback loop that she filled it out wrong – so it is not clear either – and that is why the abuse form is not accepted.

Now you’d think that after all the upheaval of the last few days over all the threads that they’d help one of the core people in this saga and check her timeline and ensure the abuse goes through as reported. But no they don’t

You’d think by now they’d have somebody checking timelines of  the three top abuse receivers on a regular basis, or give them a designated report account or something but no – they STILL have to fill out that monstrously long, unclear and stupid abuse form every time.

Talk about #twitterfail

ETA: seems the people that rallied around Mary Beard and tweeted TwitterUK got through and she mentioend they are now very helpful. Just goes tos show what a little push form others can do

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