Boots removes gender signs for toys

Boots removes gender signs for toys | Money | The Guardian.

Some good news in that dreadful pinkification in toys BUT then this (last paragraph in the article

It said science toys were sold on the Boots website by gender, age and type “to make it as easy as possible for customers to find what they are looking for”.

Right so on the website it is still the main thing; men will become scientists, girls won’t. There is a possible catergory called gender neutral or put them in both for really easy navigation so more enlightened customers also can find what they are looking for

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  1. I love the term you’ve coined there – pinkification. This whole gender stereotyping of toys is appalling. Luckily for me when I was growing up I had an older brother and sister both of whom I inherited everything from and this pinkification just didn’t seem to exist in the 80s. I guess an age guideline is useful on toys, particularly for child free folk who just don’t have a clue (like me) but seriously, gender steretyped toys? Bah! Me and my brother used to play with Barbie, She-ra, Action Man and the whole population of the Star Wars Cantina (Barbie would be parachuting out the window with Action Man’s ‘shute on and She-ra and the Stormtroopers would be busy saving the world). Life is so much more fun for kids without limitations, without frankly gratuitous pinkification and without being told which toys they should be ‘playing’ with.


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