Twitter’s tales of sexism

Twitter’s tales of sexism | World news | The Guardian.

A wonderful and very truthful account of what feminism has brought the women of today. The things women these days often take for granted.

And the her twitter timeline The examples shown on this site are mind boggling and yet very very recognizable

My added sexisms:

My secretary is male, and as such in a new group they always assume he is the consultant, even if the meeting states that I am chairing.

On the phone I regularly get asked for Mr “my birthname”. To which I respond that I will give them my brothers phone number as they called the wrong number.

The man that called about something (about the year 2000) and wanted to speak to the lab manager, “that is me”. No the technical manager then, “speaking” (smallish company) and then stated, but you are a woman! Double check yep.

When we bought the house my husband was listed as buyer. I was listed as the wife/partner, not as buyer despite that I own 50% of the house. I had to fight to be listed as buyer.  I flat out refused to sign if it was not changed. The interesting thing was that my female estate agent thought I was weird whereas the male seller’s estate agent thought it was definitely more logical.

When we had our pre-nup drawn up the solicitor stated the reasons why it would be a good think She addressed my husband and said ” Just in case if you want to run a business the house will be safe” To which my husband stated. ” ” If any business will be started she will be the one doing it, not me” The solicitor slightly embarrassed said that she had fallen victim to her own prejudice.

Just after I got married I was asked if I would now reduce hours as I married a man that earned enough to support a family. My answer; “will you ask him the same thing? I actually earn more than enough to support a family”.

In my previous job as sole female member of the management team: Director asked all men what type of coffee they wanted and then turned to me “Would you……. before he finished I answered A cappuccino please and looked him straight in the eye.

I can go on and on, unfortunately

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