right to vote for women in Saudi Arabia

BBC News – Women in Saudi Arabia ‘to vote and run in elections’.

A first step forward on a road that is still very very long on the road to women’s rights there, but it is the right direction and it is a step. It is a start and without a start there will be no finish.

We women of the west take it for granted. But let’s not forget that it is still less than a century ago, that shift happened here. It was the year my grandmother was born in my country. She was of the first generation that could vote.


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  1. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt and an empty promise. What’s the point of elections if there is NO parliament in Saudi Arabia? => http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2011/09/27/women-voting-saudi-arabia/

  2. This maybe so, but please do keep in mind that JUST a century ago the same happened here and still is not a a given. We still have a party here that has in their charter to take away the right to vote for woman and does not allow women to stand for the party, in 2011!

    Our parliament is only 160 years old and yes some will say that this is nothing without a parliament. But really is it? They in SA are slowly opening the door bit by bit. but it is opening

    Our history too took a lot of time. As I said it is a small step, and still a long way to go but if you can’t see the positive side in a small step and can only celebrate if all is done then I am afraid there will be not a lot to be grateful for.

    I choose to see it as a small victory for woman’s right’s. The battle has not been won yet. Not there, not here.

  3. Which party is it that doesn’t allow women to stand? *curious*

    • SGP – Strict christian party 2 seats in the current parliament (of 150) – they have been forced (by the courts) to allow women to become members but they are not allowed to stand for the party.
      Active voting rights do not belong with a woman according to them.The woman’s place according to them is with the family man should rule (meaning woman is breeding machine). Passive voting; well as far as I know they are against that too, but probably see sense. This is a right now and in part it allows them to have 2 seats in parliament. That is because the men vote for the woman too. Slightly hypocritical too, yes.

      Really if it were up to them, nothing on Sunday (their website is down on Sunday I hear) except to church three times. They are sizable in our bible belt. Enough work still at home therefore


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